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Tonight in the Alexanderplatz: Guten Abend from Berlin

I’ve been in Berlin for several hours and spent part of the evening wandering in the Alexanderplatz, apparently drawn to one thing only: moving trains.

Fitting, I suppose, as my eyelids are fluttering, my head is spinning, and my thoughts are swirling. I’m delirious and ready to pass out after traveling and not sleeping for two days.

Feels fantastic to be across the pond again, despite the uber-cold weather. So, guten abend, or good evening, from Germany. For now, some inaugural shots of the Alexanderplatz, a major square for shopping, dining, and people watching in the Mitte district. So exhausted, I went to the most accessible place possible, and was only out for an hour. Much more to come.

Berlin Alexanderplatz Station
Trains at the Berlin Alexanderplatz Station.

Alexanderplatz U-Bahn Station.

Alexanderplatz Needle

The Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Alexanderplatz behind trees.

Berlin Alexanderplatz Station

Train at the Alexanderplatz Station.

Bicycle in an underpass near the Alexanderplatz.

Spittelmarkt U-Bahn Station

Spittelmarkt U-Bahn Station.

Berlin Alexanderplatz Station

Train at the Alexanderplatz Station.

For more photos from my trip to Berlin, visit Flickr: Berlin 2011.

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  1. Last time I was in Berlin I wasn’t blogging yet – so I didn’t think to take photos of the U-Bahn stations and random things like that! I have blogged about it several times, though, in retrospect. (And my husband travels there yearly so I’ve asked him to take some specific pictures!) I’m ready to go back…you’ve inspired me with all your posts!

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