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The World Through Your Lens

ocean squirrel

Get your camera ready.

We’re launching a month-long photography course at Blogging U., which launches next Monday, November 3.

It’s inspired by the weekly photo challenges on The Daily Post, as well as Photography 101, a post series I compiled and edited in 2013.

I wrote the bulk of the course, which I wanted to keep introductory, accessible, and fun. The ultimate goal is to get you to take pictures — inspired by a daily theme or word — and to publish a new photo a day on your blog.

With NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, and all the other NaNos starting soon, November has somehow become the official busy month for writing and posting daily — and I like the idea of focusing on photography to meet your personal blogging goals. (Especially for a writer-who-doesn’t-write, like me.)

If you’re curious, register for the course at the bottom of the announcement post. (It’s free.) If not, you can still follow along (and see what else is brewing at Blogging U. on the course listings page).



  1. I signed up and I’m looking forward to it…if the Great Firewall will just stay tame enough that I can actually get online and blog every day! I really like your new theme. Elmastudios makes really great themes, I like them all. This one is perfect for your blog.


  2. I’m looking forward to this, and excited to know your expertise is ‘on board’. I love your photography! :o) By the way…is this a new blog look? Very nice. I’m thinking about re-working my theme for this course; something better for photography, as opposed to long drifts of text. You always showcase your work–both writing and photography, so beautifully.


    • By the way…is this a new blog look?

      Yep — I changed it on Sunday from Collective to Zuki. It’s funny because I only just changed it over the summer, and was pretty sure I was going to stick with it.

      But there are always new themes! Too many choices. I’ve been looking for something really open and clean, allows for a simple but sophisticated homepage, but also allows me to manually refresh the posts I show (since I never write anything). This one will do, for now :)


      • It’s beautiful. I am looking at the Harmonic theme…just working out some kinks, but I think I may go with that one. Or not. I like yours, too. :o) And you are cracking me up with with your ‘I never write anything’…!! When you write, it counts, m’dear. I always say I would rather have one cup of really good, strong coffee than twenty cups of weak tea…(somehow that relates).


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