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Notable Mentions & Awards

Notable Blog Mentions

“Today’s Scuttlebot: Shunning Facebook and Instagram Vision” (New York Times, 2.2013)
“Facebook Timeline and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (The Atlantic; 12.2011)
“The Week’s Best Pop-Culture Writing” (The Atlantic; 12.2011)
“The best tech writing of the week, December 25th” (The Verge; 12.2011)
“Curating Your Own Life” (The Daily Beast; 12.2011)
“There’s You…and Then There’s You on Facebook” (4:36) (Maryland Morning, 4.2012)
“The 20 best travel blogs” (ninemsn Travel; 2.2012)

Print Journalism Awards

Fourteen Peninsula Press Club awards, primarily for the San Mateo Daily Journal — first or second place in the entertainment review and/or specialty story category since 2002.

Entertainment Writing, Peninsula Press Club, Newspapers

2nd Place, 2009, The Ramen King and I by Andy Raskin
2nd Place, 2008, Print is Dead by Jeff Gomez
1st Place, 2007, I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert
2nd Place, 2007, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks
1st Place, 2006, Trend Spotting
1st Place, 2005, Trend Spotting
1st Place, 2003, The Evolution of Creating a Master Race
Honorable Mention, 2003, Extremists Exist in All Religions
1st Place, 2002, Are We Approaching the End of Days?
2nd Place, 2002, Just What Is Real These Days?

Specialty Story, Peninsula Press Club, Newspapers

1st Place, 2006, Canadians Party Like It’s A Summer Job
1st Place, 2004, My Favorite Movie is Steak
Honorable Mention, 2003, Painter Inaugurates San Mateo Gallery

Technology Story, Peninsula Press Club, Magazines

2nd Place, 2005, Pod People


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