Memories of Music

I heard KRS-One’s “Step Into A World” on BBC Radio 6 unexpectedly. It came on as I was curling my hair, and by the time I finished the left side of my head I’d fallen into that familiar wormhole — the one through which I revisit the blur that is, roughly, 1997 to 2002 — and had somehow, in those minutes, written an entire post in my head about how music stirs my memory. Within the very fabric of a song, there appears to be a layer or frequency that, when played… Read More

Music, Memory, Remembrance

dance floor

But hearing it again, knowing that we’re not invincible — that I’m no longer 20, and he is no longer here — was odd. It’s as if the song died with him.

Dubstep, Space, and the Malleability of Now

to the future

There’s just something about dubstep. It is unlike the music I used to go out and dance to. Good dubstep wraps around you. You get lost inside it. Or, it can get lost inside you. It morphs and shapeshifts, it clings to your body, it transforms into the moment.

[A Moment to Breathe]

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After posting a few well-received pieces on Facebook at the end of 2011, I made a New Year’s resolution—my only resolution—to post tighter pieces, even if that meant posting less frequently. And that’s exactly what I did, and over the past five months I’ve written better stuff (I think) and built a wider readership.

On Drum & Bass, Part III

friction-andy c flyers-oxford

Just a quick one, folks. No words. Just music. My top 10 drum & bass tracks at the moment. For those who know, enjoy. And for those who don’t, welcome to my sonic world. “Heaven,” Emeli Sande (Nu:Tone Remix) “Celestial Navigation,” Marcus Intalex featuring S.P.Y “Refugee,” Wilkinson “Wastegash,” Mutated Forms “Be True,” Commix “Berlin,” Loadstar “Go,” Delilah (S.P.Y Remix) “Broken” (featuring Kyan), Nu:Tone “Broken Dreams,” Lenzman “In Your Eyes” (featuring Johnny Osbourne), Brookes Brothers Related Posts: On Drum & Bass, Part II On Drum & Bass, Part I The Perpetual Playlist: My… Read More

The Perpetual Playlist: My Life Soundtrack, Part I

dirty bird party

Dirty Bird Records, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. You know how you can see how many times you’ve played a song in iTunes? Well, the tracks below are heavily rotated; some of them aren’t necessarily my favorite songs, but I revisit them often for different reasons—no matter where I am or what I’m doing with my life. They’re familiar and grounding; they remind me of certain points in my life; and they reflect different facets of my personality. I’ve been obsessed with SoundCloud lately; I like it, although there are many tracks… Read More

On Drum & Bass, Part II


I can listen to drum & bass any time, all the time: early in the morning, before coffee—in fact, it acts as coffee—and very late at night, while the neighborhood snoozes around me. When I’m working on my home computer, blasting it through my headphones, sometimes I don’t even hear it; while some find it abrasive and chaotic, it’s thin and atmospheric to me. An element of the air. In my May 2010 “On the Drum & Bass Tip, Part I” post, I shared the tracks that were on heavy rotation at the… Read More

Party Island Pilgrimage: San Antonio, Ibiza

Mini Island Solitude, Cala Tarida, Ibiza.

Ibiza was on my “to do” list for 10 years. I made the long-awaited journey to this island of beats and debauchery last month. While I no longer chase the party, I still love venturing out and dancing for hours—although most of the time I feel too old, even at 31, for the scene. But techno, the dance floor, the dancing until you’re sweaty, the feeling of the bass in your chest—I will never not find all this unappealing. I grew up on this music and in this scene. It’s in me…. Read More

On Drum & Bass, Part I

Drum and bass flyers

The sound of drum and bass, and my response to it, has matured cover time. Thirteen years ago, when I first heard it, I ascribed the genre to aggression. To active dancing (see “Entering the War Zone”). To physical reaction. I still do at times, but over the years the process of listening to D&B has grown increasingly mental. And very soothing. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the sound these days. Here are some tracks in my current rotation. Some are older. Some are newer. And all are favorites…. Read More