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[A Moment to Breathe]

no border

After posting a few well-received pieces on Facebook at the end of 2011, I made a New Year’s resolution—my only resolution—to post tighter pieces, even if that meant posting less frequently. And that’s exactly what I did, and over the past five months I’ve written better stuff (I think) and built a wider readership.

On Drum & Bass, Part III

friction-andy c flyers-oxford

Just a quick one, folks. No words. Just music. My top 10 drum & bass tracks at the moment. For those who know, enjoy. And for those who don’t, welcome to my sonic world. “Heaven,” Emeli Sande (Nu:Tone Remix) “Celestial Navigation,” Marcus Intalex featuring S.P.Y “Refugee,” Wilkinson “Wastegash,” Mutated Forms […]

On Drum & Bass, Part II


I can listen to drum & bass any time, all the time: early in the morning, before coffee—in fact, it acts as coffee—and very late at night, while the neighborhood snoozes around me. When I’m working on my home computer, blasting it through my headphones, sometimes I don’t even hear it; […]


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