Twitter Poetry

Mission District, San Francisco

Sifting through my digital detritus
some rare moments of light
while others
speak only
of the weight
I wish to escape

Creating Our Own Narratives

weaving narratives

What we post in these moments of proclamation on a site like Facebook is a byproduct, a projection. Instead, life happens between status updates.

Still Thinking About Now: On Twitter and (Real) Time


I think of the expiration dates we stamp on produce at the supermarket. How when we place items on shelves, we instantly date their freshness. I think about tweets in the same way: once unleashed for all to see, how long can they sit before they’re irrelevant? Before they’re kicked out of the conversation of now?

On Everything and Nothing & Reading and Not Writing

typewriter-square cropped

Sometimes I envision my Twitter feed as rushing water: my presence is a dam, and each tweet is debris making its way downstream. It’s now a challenge to let information simply flow—to let tweets swim by without me seeing or interacting with them.

On Favorited Tweets and My Internet Limbo

blurry lights

But on Twitter, it’s different: favoriting is less about someone else and more about me. The process is about plucking the juicy bits from others’ minds and imaginations and tossing them into a cauldron—a volatile place that mirrors my headspace at any given moment.

How To: Make Me Unfollow You on Twitter


Yesterday, someone on Twitter posed a question: What makes you unfollow people? So, I compiled the top 10 types of tweets and peeps that make me click “Unfollow.”

Jarring & Juxtaposed: Digesting the Twitter Stream

Matrix Twitter Stream

For those of us who mingle virtually with avatars in the same room, and who embrace Twitter as meaningful and three-dimensional, I wonder: If one is not interested in Libya, or Wisconsin, or the Superbowl, or Egypt, or Planned Parenthood, or the Grammys, how do we whisper about something else? How do we tweet politely about our day when others are distraught, angry, or in need?

Notes on Virtual Life, Part II: Facebook, Twitter & the Seeds of Compartmentalization

Barcelona, Spain

It comes down to compartmentalization. I find myself filing my friendships and relationships, online and off, into tidy drawers. Yet as I do this, gingerly and methodically, “friendship” becomes more elusive as “real” and “virtual” continues to collide.

Notes on Social Media, Egypt, and My Pseudo-Activism

blurry lights

What have I done? Or the current question: what am I doing now? I read the passionate, desperate tweets from brave protesters on my computer screen. I am deeply inspired, I comment on other’s tweets, I share articles on Facebook. I feel like I’m participating.

But, I am not.