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Surges: they come and go, so I take advantage of good writing sessions when they occur. But I struggle most of the time, and these days, I wait for my stories to ripen. They sit in a queue: some collect dust, while others deepen in flavor and emotion.

In graduate school, I explored the underground dance scene and techno in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and abroad in a manuscript of memoir and literary journalism. And I failed in my attempt. I await the day I can dive in and revisit with more perspective or — even better — fuse my love for this subculture and music with my evolving ideas on technology and the augmented self. (And there are connections between them!)


That Thing I Wrote That Wasn’t True: On Facts, Memoir & John D’Agata

26 Hours

On Everything and Nothing & Reading and Not Writing

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  1. You remind me a lot of myself. When you list all your interests the only thing that I would probably do is switch out technology for social sciences and leave out San Francisco simply because I have never been there.

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  2. I find it really difficult to write when I have no inspiration to do so; sometimes you have to sit down and watch a film, or read. But equally sometimes you have to sit down to write, to finish an essay, or meet a deadline, and that’s really hard. I’ve always thought the best stuff comes to you at 3am when you’re sat in bed, and then you have to get up and write it down right away. I definitely sympathise with you.

    The best pieces are always done out of love, (but then again, I’m pretty much a hopeless romantic on the writing front).

    Your blog is also completely fantastic. (:

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    1. Yeah, I cannot write if I’m not inspired, whether from exploring a place, watching a movie, spending time with someone, etc. I can go months and months without writing a thing — I’ve slowly accepted this, but it often makes me feel mediocre and unmotivated! Thanks for the note.

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  3. No worries inspiration comes and goes. When it’s right it will happen. I often want to write songs but it just doesn’t happen when the right inspiration isn’t there. I’ve had the right inspiration for songwriting only a few times these last couple of years but those writing sessions produced the best songs i’ve ever written.

    When you feel inspired but can’t do what you originally thought of doing try doing something else creative. Usually works for me, then you can at least look back on something :)

    All the best

    - JT

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