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Slanted, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.

Angles & Shadows in Berlin: The Holocaust Memorial and Jewish Museum

I was overwhelmed by all the things to do and see in Berlin, and was particularly moved by the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish (Jüdisches) Museum, two of the city’s major sites of Jewish history and culture. A dose in photographs: Holocaust Memorial Designed by architect Peter Eisenman, the Holocaust Memorial is made up of about 2,700 concrete columns, arranged in a grid that’s at once methodical and disorienting. Head into its shadowy center, and the pillars grow taller and more menacing. Above, a slanted perspective from the ground. A view of the memorial from the outskirts of the grid. The area consists of 4.7 undulating acres, creating subtle waves in the ground and causing the concrete slabs to rise from different levels. While there are clean lines, straight edges, and a sense of order, the maze ultimately feels chaotic (and uninviting). You wander in silence down empty pathways; hear faint footsteps of others but are unable to see them; and feel the coldness of the concrete. The deeper you go, the darker it gets. …