A Midweek Kaiseki Meal: Wakuriya in San Mateo

Tsukuri (sashimi).

I was introduced to kaiseki, or a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, when I visited Kyoto, Japan, several years ago. Luckily, the San Francisco Peninsula is home to two top-notch kaiseki joints—Wakuriya in San Mateo and Kaygetsu in Menlo Park—both located, interestingly, in unassuming strip malls. I’d tried Kaygetsu a few years ago, when I took my then-significant other to a birthday dinner. It was quite the meal. Here, however, I’ll focus on Wakuriya, which deserves the five-star reviews on Yelp. (Here’s my write-up on Trazzler, too.) The dim-lit space is intimate: there’s… Read More