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Alleyway Art Above Plaza Nueva, Granada.

Whimsical Wanderings: Street Art in Granada

I’m a sucker for street art. I’m not picky about what I’m drawn to—I love graffiti in general, from the fantastic pieces I’d seen through the window of my train in Switzerland 10 years ago, to tiny, stenciled images I’ve come upon in random bathroom stalls in cities like San Francisco or Montreal. In San Francisco, where I live, we’ve had a pretty ripe underground graf culture for a while—one interwoven into subcultures of which I’ve been part, like the underground dance and hip hop scenes. I adore it all—colorful murals in dodgy neighborhoods, graffiti mixed with rave flyers and concert posters plastered on tagged-up walls, and images of misplaced objects or familiar corporate brands appropriated in distinct ways. In Granada, it’s easy to lose your way and escape the crowds. I’m drawn to silence here—when faced with direction A (a lively corner of cafes in the Albayzin) and direction B (a narrow, empty alley of ascending steps leading somewhere), I choose B. While I enjoy interacting with strangers when traveling—especially bartenders, shop owners, and …