Instagram Has Ruined Me

Alhambra, Granada

Then I opened Instagram, ran a filter over it, and posted it — to send it off into the world to be liked and viewed for its moment of glory, and to shortly after join the stream of other Instagrams disappearing into our Internet wasteland.

On Travel, Time, and (Revisiting) Granada


Somehow, I’ve entered a special dimension — that space only accessible in these sorts of moments — where time truly reveals itself. Where time is more than the past, present, and future; and more than here and there and the line that connects them.

Gorgeous Granada: The Stunning Alhambra in Images

Wall Detail at the Alhambra

Still, Granada lingers in my mind. I wish I could have spent a few months in this city, but had three days. Just three days. I wandered its narrow, white-walled alleyways and explored quiet parts of neighborhoods, stumbling upon vestiges of Al-Andalus at every corner. And the incredible hilltop palace, the Alhambra, is quite a sight.

Whimsical Wanderings: Street Art in Granada

Alleyway Art Above Plaza Nueva, Granada.

I’m a sucker for street art. I’m not picky about what I’m drawn to—I love graffiti in general, from the fantastic pieces I’d seen through the window of my train in Switzerland 10 years ago, to tiny, stenciled images I’ve come upon in random bathroom stalls in cities like San Francisco or Montreal. In San Francisco, where I live, we’ve had a pretty ripe underground graf culture for a while—one interwoven into subcultures of which I’ve been part, like the underground dance and hip hop scenes. I adore it all—colorful murals in… Read More

A Glimpse of Granada

Sparkly souvenirs in the Albayzin.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of this ancient, intriguing, and gorgeous city.