Party Island Pilgrimage: San Antonio, Ibiza

Mini Island Solitude, Cala Tarida, Ibiza.

Ibiza was on my “to do” list for 10 years. I made the long-awaited journey to this island of beats and debauchery last month. While I no longer chase the party, I still love venturing out and dancing for hours—although most of the time I feel too old, even at 31, for the scene. But techno, the dance floor, the dancing until you’re sweaty, the feeling of the bass in your chest—I will never not find all this unappealing. I grew up on this music and in this scene. It’s in me…. Read More

Cliff Jumping in Ibiza: Cala Tarida

Snorkeling in Cala Tarida, Ibiza.

Hola from Ibiza! San Antonio lacks idyllic beaches—as do many of the major towns on the island. To find paradise, we took a taxi to Cala Tarida, a beach on the west side of Ibiza, about 15-20 minutes from San Antonio’s bus station. While a bus ride to and from various parts of the island is just two euro, the taxi from San Antonio to Cala Tarida wasn’t bad: about 16 euro. (Divided by four people, it was a favorable, convenient alternative to the bus.) I’m an Ibiza virgin—this is my first visit… Read More