Notes & Images from England, Ireland, and Sweden

An alleyway in Stockholm.

August was a busy month — weddings, time with family and friends, and exploring cities we’ve never been.

Instagram Has Ruined Me

Alhambra, Granada

Then I opened Instagram, ran a filter over it, and posted it — to send it off into the world to be liked and viewed for its moment of glory, and to shortly after join the stream of other Instagrams disappearing into our Internet wasteland.

Where Le Street C’est Chic: Street Art of Hong Kong

La Street C'est Chic

Hong Kong is best enjoyed by foot. So I walked. And as I walked, I discovered a city full of street art—slightly deviant, always creative—expressing the exuberance of a young and modern city.

It’s All About Simplicity: A Few Things I’ve Learned About Instagram

Through a window

I love experimenting with filters on static and solitary objects, clean symmetrical or diagonal lines, uncluttered compositions, and off-center focal points (especially with the tilt shift effect). Simply put, the app magnifies the gorgeousness of simplicity.

Istanbul Through an iPhone Lens (via Instagram)

Istanbul Instagram Header

I’ve been in Istanbul for a week and have mainly used my new iPhone to take photographs. I was a (mostly disgruntled) BlackBerry user for three years until I got an iPhone over the holidays, so I’m very late to the iPhone party. And very new to Instagram, too. So, I decided to test out my iPhone camera and fiddle with filters (noted in parentheses).