Bay Bridge, San Francisco

I’ve gone with more literal interpretations for Danielle Hark’s photo challenge, Between, from moments in Portugal, Egypt, England, and Costa Rica. The shot above was taken in San Francisco Bay, in between the spans of the new Bay Bridge, which I toured with my dad one afternoon, who worked on the design for many years.

On the Move

Whether on foot, in a kayak, or on a train, we can document our lives easily. More than ever, the moments of our in-betweens are photo-worthy and shareable. From my photo challenge, “On the Move”


El Tabano, Tulum

* * * * * *

The Caribbean

A dock on Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.



We type sentences on our keyboards and scribble notes in journals. We spray tags and murals on walls everywhere in the world. We carve our initials on wood to mark we were here or there. And we stumble upon letters and words wherever we go — in outdoor markets, on doors, across storefronts, or inside bathroom stalls. – From my photo challenge post on “Letters”

Streets of Seoul

Hongdae Storefront

I recently had a long layover in Seoul and took the train into the city to wander for the day. With twelve hours, I did what I love most: explored a new city on my own, wandered down alleyways, hunted for street art, and got lost.

Scenes from Vietnam


I returned to Hanoi and Halong Bay, both in the north of Vietnam. As you linger in Hanoi, you become one with it — the pulse of the street, the ebb and flow of traffic.

Life Through a Lomo

Assorted fisheye photographs from a cheap plastic Lomo camera. From: San Francisco LoveFest at City Hall, San Gregorio General Store, San Diego Zoo, Harley Goat Farm, Dirty Bird Records party at Golden Gate Park, Pacific Sound Sunset party at Stafford Lake, a resort in Escondido, and another (final) shot from San Francisco’s Civic Center.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California.


Clockwise, starting from top left: Las Vegas Springs Preserve, Nevada; Shoreditch in London, England; Pismo Beach Pier, California; and the Madrid International Airport, Spain.