Street Colors of Barcelona: Art of El Raval, Barri Gòtic, and Gracia

Street Art, El Raval, Barcelona.

In Barcelona, I strolled the alleyways of El Raval and El Barri Gòtic, the two neighborhoods that border Las Ramblas and stretch along the port. Here’s a glimpse at the graphics and random pockets of street art I came upon.

Whimsical Wanderings: Street Art in Granada

Alleyway Art Above Plaza Nueva, Granada.

I’m a sucker for street art. I’m not picky about what I’m drawn to—I love graffiti in general, from the fantastic pieces I’d seen through the window of my train in Switzerland 10 years ago, to tiny, stenciled images I’ve come upon in random bathroom stalls in cities like San Francisco or Montreal. In San Francisco, where I live, we’ve had a pretty ripe underground graf culture for a while—one interwoven into subcultures of which I’ve been part, like the underground dance and hip hop scenes. I adore it all—colorful murals in… Read More